About Me

Kenneth P. O'Keefe

I am the owner and operator of Global Investigative Solutions, Inc., (GIS.) I opened GIS in 2005 following a 20-year career with the New York City Police Department.

During my NYPD career, I served as a sergeant with the rank designation and assignment of Supervisor Detective Squad (SDS.) I was a detective squad commander and supervised cases ranging from homicide, sexual assault, hate crimes, domestic violence, residential burglaries and commercial robberies.

In addition, I was selected by the Chief of Detectives and honored to have served on the supervisory staff of the WTC Recovery and Forensic Site in the aftermath of 9/11.

Prior to attaining supervisory rank, I served as a case detective in a Brooklyn North squad, investigating crimes ranging from homicide to simple assault. I also was assigned as a detective to the Organized Crime Control Bureau, where I performed long-term undercover and investigative roles into crime syndicates and rackets responsible for loan sharking, gambling, prostitution and auto theft rings.

Since 2005, I have provided private investigations and services for attorneys, corporate executives and private citizens. I have extensive experience in personal injury accidents, obtaining sworn statements, witness locates/interviews, background checks, covert surveillance, trial preps, landlord-tenant issues, criminal defense and crime scene review.

I have qualified as an expert witness on investigative procedure under voir dire in New York State Supreme Court.